Modern Machine & Tool Co., Inc. has more than 50 years of experience combining specialized skills and machines with knowledge to apply them to solving the problems of today. Each assignment put before us has been a unique problem with a unique solution. From this experience has grown a specialized and comprehensive service to industry. The challenge you give us today will be part of our storehouse of experience tomorrow.
Punches and Dies-
Design and manufacturing for processing aluminum and steel products.


Specialized Machines-
This wear / washability tester was developed for paint coatings and is manufactured in production quantities.
Transportation Systems-
Conversion of railroad wheel sets to high speed precision load measuring systems.
Industrial Support-
Upgrading and retrofitting of machines such as this hydraulically activated balancing machine with digital readout for propeller balancing.
Test Fixtures-
Inspection fixtures for automotive and industrial gaskets and products.
Structural Actuators-
Custom manufacture of amusement park ride doors with PLC based pneumatic controller.
Injection Molds-
Design, manufacturing, engineering changes, repairs and optical quality polishing.
Equipment Engineering-
Development of electrically activated weight handling system.
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