The National Institute of Standards and Technology has certified all measuring equipment in our environmentally controlled metrology and calibration laboratories. We provide electronic, dimensional, force, pressure, torque and viscosity measurements and calibrations with A2LA / ISO/IEC 17025:2017 (Cert # 2836.1) accreditation for government, aerospace and industrial customers.
Custom Instruments-
Designed and manufactured for unique customer requirements.
Geometry Measuring-
Three axis coordinate measuring machine with computerized report generation for dimensional inspection and calibration.
Pressure Calibration-
Transducers, gauges, dead weight testers and transmitters.
Viscosity Calibration-
Efflux viscosity cups and rotational viscometers using standard oils under conrolled environmental conditions.
Load Calibration-
Dynamometers, load cells, scales, torque sensors and torque wrenches.
Specialized Calibration-
Propeller pitchometers, optical comparators, linear potentiometers and inclinometers.
Instrument Calibration, Service and Inspections in compliance with;
ISO/IEC 17025
ANSI/NCSL Z540-1-1994
ISO 9001


Calibration Capabilities

For more in/depth calibration information please see one of the following;




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